Affordable, Convenient and Tailored Maths and English Tuition

We're on a mission to make primary school level maths and English tuition much more accessible.

Whether it's price, location or other commitments which are stopping you considering extra tuition for your child, we offer a service that provides help with all three. To achieve all this we combine traditional learning with online communication and a little parental involvement.

We're seeing great results - see what our parents have been saying.
Children are gaining confidence. Teachers are noticing improvements. Parents find our tutors friendly and children find the worksheets bright, appealing and fun.

Help your child achieve their full potential

At Enthuse Education, we take your tuition very seriously. When you enrol, you will be linked with a qualified primary school teacher who will contact you to provide an assessment which they will use to design a tailored plan for your child. As life often takes twists and turns, our plans are also flexible and are based on weekly progress.

Our tuition compliments the National Curriculum and is designed to give your child a helping hand to catch up, keep up or strive on ahead of the field. Your child may even have an official test coming up, such as SATS, for which we have specially focused tuition which can help. 

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We would love to help you start this journey with your child and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enthuse Education provides affordable maths or English tuition from as little as just £3.99 per week (covering around one hour of tuition activity). Access to email and a printer required. Pay options monthly to yearly, using PayPal, with option to cancel  future payments at any time, without notice or penalty.