Maths and English Tuition

Designed by experts and tailored for your child.

We're helping children aged 5-11 to catch up, keep up or leap aheadOur innovative design creates an easy and effective tuition process.

Convenient, Flexible and Responsive

No travelling, waiting or appointments. Just 10 minutes parent time for around one hour of tuition activity completed at home. You can email your tutor directly if you have any questions.

We're seeing Great Results
Children are gaining confidence. Teachers are noticing improvements. Parents find our tutors friendly and children find the activities bright, appealing and fun.

A Partnership Approach

We provide you with tailored activities each week, by email. You print the activities for your child to complete. You using the answer list to mark the work, let your tutor know the results and agree the best way forward.

“We wish we had found your website much earlier!! My son is doing really well and has gained so much confidence in both his maths and English. In just 3 months, his vocabulary increased, his spelling improved and his maths level has gone up even further. Even his teacher noticed the improvement and was very pleased! Jane has been great in setting his work by placing focus on his weak areas. The parent notes are very clear which is key for us to help our son. We will definitely recommend it.”

Specially designed assessments track progress and ensure your child is challenged at the right level.

Need to contact us about something? Reach out, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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Tuition covers around one hour of tuition activity per week per subject. Access to email and a printer is required. 

Pay options weekly to yearly, using PayPal, with option to cancel future payments at any time, without notice or penalty.