About Enthuse Education

Enthuse Education is a UK company that provides support to families around the world, through tailored and convenient maths and English tuition, provided by fully qualified teachers.

We are passionate about making maths and English tuition easier for families and allowing children to fulfill their potential in these two key subjects. Many families choose not to provide extra tuition support for their child because it may be too costly, too far away or it's too time consuming. Our tuition is designed in a way that helps reduces cost, time and travel.

Enthuse Education have been on a mission to make primary school level maths and English tuition much more accessible since 2011. We have developed, reviewed and updated our tuition to keep pace with the latest educational advances and changes.   

Over the last few years we have worked with over a thousand families. Every family has its own story and we hope we can become a positive part of that story.