Enthuse Charitable Donations

Enthuse are providing an offer to match your donation to a charity, that is registered in the UK, up to the value of 2.5% of your fees paid to enthuse.

How will this be done?

Step One
You need to make your donation to the charity of your choice (Your donation can, of course, be smaller or larger than the 2.5%).

Step Two
Inform us of your donation, by email, providing the charities contact details, including name of charity, telephone number and the website address (if available). Please send the email to tutor@enthuseeducation.co.uk

Step Three
Enthuse will contact the charity and then match your donation (up to 2.5% of your fees paid to enthuse within the last 3 months). We will then send you a confirmation email that the donation has been made.

Charities that enthuse would like to support have been listed below. If you would like to donate to these charities, just click on the links. If you then let us know what you have donated, we'll match your donation up to 5% of fees that you have paid to us.