Serious Maths and English Tuition

We know it's important you choose wisely and we're sure you'll have many questions, so let's see if we can answer them for you.

How much will my child's tuition cost and how do I pay?

Our tuition costs £7.99 per week for each subject. Savings can be made by combining subjects and agreeing to longer term plans. We use PayPal to look after most payments and payments are taken on a weekly to yearly basis.

How much time will my child spend studying each week?

We calculate tuition costs based on the five activities per subject taking an average of around one hour per week to complete. This makes it easier to compare prices with other forms of tuition. Many children complete the work in bitesize chunks whereas other children will complete all the work in one go. 

What happens if I want to stop after I've started?

We're very flexible around what suits you. If you want to take a break during the holidays or for any other reason, that's fine. If you want to stop completely that's fine too. We just refund weeks where there is a break in tuition or, if you want to stop completely, you simply cancel your subscription. There are no penalties at any stage and no notice required. 

What if I have any queries about the tuition after I've started? 

Your tutor will lead all your tuition activity throughout your time with us. You will be able to email your tutor at any time with queries. Response time is usually within a couple of working days.

How does the tuition work? 

After you enrol, you will be assigned a tutor who will arrange an assessment to form a tuition plan. This leads to tuition starting in the second week where five weekly activities are sent per subject, with answer sheets and sometimes guidance notes. The worksheets are designed to practice, develop and test skills.

What does my child need to do? 

Your child simply familiarises themselves with any key points to remember and completes the activities. Each activity is set at an achievable yet challenging level. Enthuse recommend the five exercises are completed separately each week.

What do I need to do? 

Print the activities and after the work is completed you simply use the answer sheets to mark your child's work, making a note of any wrong answers and take a few minutes to let your teacher know which questions were answered incorrectly. Your teacher will assess and respond accordingly each week. 

How does Enthuse Education look after customer information?

Enthuse Education is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and protects the information we hold in line with ICO requirements. Further information about our privacy policy can be found at .

More Questions 

Can my daughter start enthuse tutoring before she is 5 years old? 

Because each child is treated as an individual and given a tailored study programme, we can usually accommodate more able under-5-year olds. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this option, email 

Will my payment details be secure?

Yes. When you are ready to make a payment, you will be transferred to a secure area within PayPal.

How can I best help my child when they are studying their enthuse work? 

You will have a key role to play in helping your child to succeed. Most children work best when they are given regular study time. This will depend on your own circumstances. Some children complete their work each morning. Others set aside time in the evening. Find a time that suits your family and try to stick to it. You will need to mark each piece of work (don't worry, answers are provided) and encourage your child to correct any questions that they have got wrong. Most importantly, provide lots of encouragement and praise and always try to be positive about your child's ability. Working on their self-belief will help to improve their potential in maths or English.