Enrol for Maths and English Tuition

Maths and English weekly - £13.99 per week

'I have nothing but praise for the help and assistance that Enthuse have offered my daughter during her tuition. Mark has been fantastic at providing timely, relevant feedback where appropriate and identifying when Karishma was ready to move up a level'

Maths & English Tuition monthly - £61.00 per month.

'My son is enjoying his course. Jenny, his enthuse teacher, is fab and gives us lots of support and information' 

Maths & English Tuition for 3 months - £146.00 per quarter.

'The tutor was very friendly and approachable, listened and put together a great appropriate course to ensure that my daughter would learn and excel in both subjects' 

Maths & English Tuition for half a year - £237.00 twice per year.

'The correspondence between ourselves and our tutor has been outstanding' 

Maths & English Tuition for one year - £364.00 per year.

'The work issued to Olivia has increased her confidence and we are already seeing her starting to enjoy a subject she was really afraid of' 

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Important Information - After enrolment, we will contact you within 3 working days, using the email that you have given to PayPal.