Maths Tuition with Enthuse Education

Help your child progress with confidence and enthusiasm

Our tailored approach with all our maths activities will ensure that your child is really working in the areas that will help them the most. Your child will be working at the right levels for each maths topic, consolidating what they know and concentrating on weaker areas. You'll easily be able to see how your child is progressing through weekly contact with your tutor.

Three simple steps

1. Your tutor works out your child’s strengths and weaknesses and designs a unique program of study.

2. Your tutor emails you five activities each week. Each activity should take just over 10 minutes for your child to complete. It’s a flexible system that can fit around your busy life; simply print out each week’s work for your child to complete at a time that suits your family.

3. Take a couple of minutes to mark the work, using our answer sheet, and let your tutor know of any wrong answers.

To find out what would happen when you enrol with us, in more detail, click here.

Why maths?

Basic numeracy skills arm children with vital life-skills and play a key part in their future success. Maths helps them to...

  • solve problems and make sound decisions

  • understand everyday calculations, time and money

  • gain access to a wider range of career options.

Did you know?

  • Private tuition can help a child to build their confidence in maths

  • A child needs to have a good understanding of the basics of maths before they can move onto harder topics.

  • Many children struggle in large classes and the work they are given may not meet their needs (it may be either too easy or too difficult).Private tuition can provide tailored support that your child needs.

A bit about our tutors

Our fully-qualified teachers have a thorough understanding of the National Curriculum and are hand-picked for their experience and expertise. Using Enthuse’s own high-quality materials, they are well-equipped to assess and respond to each child’s individual needs and have a thorough understanding of how children learn.