In more detail

Week one - assessment

  • You are allocated a teacher who will contact you to arrange an assessment, usually within two working days of your enrolment.

  • Your teacher will use the results of this test to devise a three month plan.

  • The teacher will inform you of the results of the test and details of the three month plan.

Beyond week one – the learning begins

  • Each week a set of five activities are sent by email.
  • This set of activities will include answer sheets, guidance notes for your child to refer to and worksheets designed to practice, develop and test skills.
  • Your child simply familiarises themselves with any keys points to remember and completes the activities.
  • Each activity is specifically set at an achievable, yet challenging, level for your child, based on the initial assessment.
  • Enthuse recommends that the five topics are completed separately during the week.

This is where you get involved. Simply use the answer sheets provided to mark your child’s work, making a note of any wrong answers. Then take a few minutes to let your teacher know which questions were answered incorrectly.
Your teacher will assess these results at the end of the week and respond accordingly, making amendments to the three months plan if necessary.

The final week and beyond

  • In the final week, you’ll receive a new three month plan based on your child's progress over the last three months.